Shipping costs and payment options

We want to make your shopping at AMATSUNAWA USA as convenient as possible with easy-to-understand shipping and payment options.

No minimum order value.

We ship to the US, Canada and Mexico.
If you wish to order from another country, please contact us directly via email info[@]

Please note that due to the different VAT rates per country the product prices differ slightly and are only displayed correctly after you have logged in or entered your delivery address. 

Data security
The entire ordering process is encrypted so that your private data remains private.

Our goods are usually shipped within 1 - 3 working days after receipt of payment. In the case of custom-made products, this period can be a few days longer, which we will clarify with you personally when you place your order.

Our product ships from Germany using UPS, FedEx or DHL Express. Shipping times can vary depending on the country of destination, but are usually between 3 - 8 working days. Delivery times can take longer if there are any delays with customs clearance.

Custom Duties
Please note that the customer is responsible for any customs duty and local sales tax before or on import. Our shipping service provider may contact you ahead of delivery for customs clearance. Handling fees may apply.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs for deliveries to the United States incl. sales tax if applicable:

cart weight (kg)*

shipping cost ($)
1 - 2 kg $28.90
2.01 - 3 kg$33.90
3.01 - 4 kg$48.90
4.01 - 6 kg$52.90
6.01 - 7 kg$76.90
7.01 - 8 kg$76.90
8.01 - 9 kg$78.90
9.01 - 11 kg$110.90
11.01 - 13 kg$117.90
13.01 - 19 kg$125.90
19.01 - 26 kg$157.90
26.01+ kg
*weight of goods incl. packaging

Shipping costs for international shipping (Canada and Mexico)

The shipping costs depend on the gross weight of the package (= goods + packaging).

The following table displays the current shipping costs per country per kg (weight of goods incl. packaging):

cart weight (kg)

Canada ($)
Mexico ($)
1 - 2 kg $41.90 $40.90
2.01 - 3 kg $52.90 $56.90
3.01 - 4 kg $58.90 $66.90
4.01 - 6 kg $69.90 $69.90
6.01 - 7 kg $93.90 $92.90
7.01 - 8 kg $98.90 $100.90
8.01 - 9 kg $103.90 $112.90
9.01 - 11 kg $125.90 $121.90
11.01 - 13 kg $136.90 $127.90
13.01 - 19 kg $157.90 $140.90
19.01 - 26 kg $199.90 $174.90
26.01+ kg
$215.90 $219.90

B2B shipping prices

If you wish to purchase wholesale quantities please contact us for an individual quotation and shipping prices tailored to your demand. Thank you!

Other countries

We currently only offer shipping to the countries listed above via our online shop. Deliveries to other countries are generally possible with prior agreement. In this case, we calculate the shipping costs individually for the corresponding order. Please contact us via our contact form or by email to to arrange your order/delivery. Thank you.

Note on the German packaging law

Products are shipped by AMATSUNAWA GmbH, Germany. AMATSUNAWA GmbH, Germany are registered as a manufacturer with the German packaging register LUCID under number DE3063843420774. We have joined a corresponding system for the purpose of taking back and disposing of packaging waste. Further information can also be found at .

Note on disposal of packaging

Please do not dispose of packaging waste with your household waste, but rather bring it to separate collection point. Well-known return options such as the yellow bag or the blue bin are available in your area (only valid for Germany!). You can also get more information about the correct disposal of packaging and the available return options for packaging waste from your city council or local authority.

Payment options

We offer the following payment options:

  • Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, AMX)